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Care of Catch

Vaccum sealed salmon and halibut

Morning Magic Sportfishing takes a lot of pride in care of your catch preparing for it for its travel home.

Our guests spend a lot of time and hard earned dollars catching their bounty so we make sure that it’s well taken care of and of grade A quality when they get it home.

All our boats and guides carry salt ice on board daily. One fish are landed, bled, recorded on the anglers fishing licenses it gets iced immediately and will keep for the duration of the trip.

Guests have the options of getting there fish vacuumed processed and then flash frozen as we have two processing business here in town, OR take their fish home on salt ice in large hard shelled coolers they bring with them for this purpose.

We have fish plants that supply the commercial boats that also cater to the Sportfishing fleet as well.

I have freezers on site in a secured shed on the property if guests wanted to freeze there fish and deal with them when they get home.

Lastly there is also the option of getting there fish processed through St. Jeans Cannery in Nanaimo. They do all kinds of smoked and canned options and then ship to your home.

Guides would prepare fish and bag for you and you would drop off at a St. Jeans depot in Port Alberni.

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St. Jeans Cannery