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Chinook Salmon

We will be concentrating on Chinook salmon both locally, and in offshore waters for the month’s of June, July and August. This is a definite must for the avid fishermen. Barkley Sound is BC’s premier location for trophy Chinook for August, and September. This is the time when our own Robertson Creek fish return by the thousands, thus guaranteeing you not only fish, but a great time. Last season the average Chinook for this time of year was 25 to 35 pounds, with many fish taken over 40 lbs, and even a couple recorded over 50 lbs. Without question this is the busiest time of year, as anglers from all over the country try to achieve to enter themselves in the infamous Tyee club.(Chinook salmon weighing 30 lbs or more)



Mouth: Dark with black gums; large, sharp teeth

Tail: V-shaped, silvery; spots on both lobes

Other Features: Large spots on back

Age of Maturity: 3 to 7 years

Freshwater Markings: Body turns olive brown to black


For more information, please consult Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Pacific Chinook (King) Salmon