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The ubiquitous Halibut is both migratory and a resident species. Halibut fishing in Ucluelet has become very popular in the last 10-12 years or so. Reason being is that our success rate is excellent (aprox. 95% of my customers tagged out), and also the abundance of fish in the massive ocean they live in. Myself and my associates over the many years of fishing these waters have put a lot of time and effort into perfecting this fishery, using different methods (techniques), chart plotters, and c-maps to locate our so called “honey holes”.

Preferred method of fishing for these creatures of the deep is vertical jigging with 16 to 24oz lead jigs. We can be fishing anywhere from 175′ to 325′, so be prepared to have sore arms by the end of the day. Halibut range from 10 to 200 pounds, with many falling in the 70 pound to 80 pound range. The average Halibut where we fish the most because of it’s productivity is 20 to 40 pounds, which is the best size for quality eating.



  • Up to 270 cm
  • Body marbled brown with grey
  • Blind side white
  • Body thick and sturdy
  • Mouth large with sharp conical teeth
  • Caudal fin slightly forked
  • Almost always right-eyed


For more information, please consult Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Pacific Halibut