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Offshore Fishing

Offshore fishing is definitely for the adventurist. The action is quick and exciting, and the success rate is outstanding. I am very confident that upon our arrival back at the dock, you have participated in some of the best offshore fishing that the West Coast has to offer.

This fishery really starts to heat up about the beginning of June and will continue to be productive until the end of July. We will be concentrating on feeder Chinook salmon and Halibut. The Chinook range from 12 to 35 pounds, and the Halibut range from 15 to 100 pounds, with a real steady average of 20 to 40 pound chicken Halibut, the best tasting fish in the ocean.

This is strictly an offshore fishery, which will run anywhere from 5 to 25 miles off the beach to the sandbanks and gullies that accommodate thousands of fish. These waters were once the traditional commercial fishing grounds which is no longer active, making this a phenomenal sport fishing opportunity. Limits of both species can be accomplished on a daily basis, making June and July a great time to plan your fishing adventure.


For more information, please consult Fisheries and Oceans Canada